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Designfeed is a new platform that creates customized content for any and all audiences.

The user in the video will be asked to create a feed of design inspiration based on their preferences. The goal of this project is to improve the design based on the user test.

Designfeed original

User Research

I started my process by watching the user test, taking notes on what aspects worked well and what aspects could be improved based on what the user said and how the user interacted with each screen.

Designfeed urnotes


Problem #1

The user didn’t know how many topics needed to be selected to move onto the feed.

The user selected 3 topics and tried to move on to their feed, but wasn’t able to do so. She explained that she wasn’t sure if she needed to select more topics to move forward.

Problem #2

The user asked if she could go back to the “selects topics” page and change her interests to update her feed.

The Approach

Using the information from the user test, I sketched possible solutions to address the pain points that the user experienced.

Designfeed  sketch

I then developed high-fidelity prototypes to test out possible solutions. It would have been better to recruit more users, however the new design iterations did clear up the previous pain points I found.


Designfeed solution1
  • "Choose at least 5 topics" clearly tells user the minimum amount of topics needed to add to feed
  • "Faded 'Next'" lets the user know it’s not “clickable,” like the topic buttons
Designfeed solution2
  • Once 5 topics are clicked, the “Next” button becomes clickable! The user can now move forward to their design feed.
Designfeed solution3
  • Arrow to return to topics page, so users can edit their interests


Solution #1:

Clearly state how many topics, at least, are needed to build the users feed. This prevented any confusion on what actions were possible on the “Select Topics” page.

Solution #2:

Fading the “Next” button on the “Selects Topic” page signals that the button is not clickable like the topic buttons above. Once at least 5 topics are selected, the “Next” button becomes clickable.

Solution #3:

Adding a back-arrow at the top left corner of the screen signifies to the user that they can move back to the previous page, “Selects Topics”. This gives them the freedom to customize their topic choices to update their feed as their interests change.

The Result

The project was reasonably successful. The pain points that the user experienced could simply be addressed with a few design iterations. This is an iterative process so there's still more work to be done.

Rachel Cohen

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Joe Formica

Hey Rachel! Nice job on this - I left you some feedback on your submission. Let me know if you have any questions!