Improve this design app based on usability tests

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I started by watching the user test, and recording some notes on what went well and what could be improved.

User test results

Improvement #1

"Our user didn't know how many topics she had to pick before continuing"

Our user selected 3 topics, and then tried to continue to the next screen but could not. Below is my solution to improve this aspect of the experience.

Artboard copy

Improvement #2

"Our user accidentally tapped 2 topics at the same time"

To improve this, I loaded the screens on to my phone to check the spacing of the buttons. After looking at it live on a screen, it was clear that the buttons could use a little more space between them to avoid users tapping the wrong thing.

Artboard copy 2
Before after

Improvement #3
"Once our user accessed the feed, she stated that she would want to go back and change her topics and preferences"

To help improve this, I added copy to the topics screen that stated that a user could come back and make changes at any time. In addition to that, I added a button to the top of the feed that would allow a user to select and de-select topics at any time to update their feed.


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Joe Formica

Let me know what you think of this submission! Open to all feedback so I can make it even better.

Ari Rahmati

I like the improvements and they are inline with what i had in mind. i would add an additional feature to adda tag for each feed that shows how it is realted to the user's topic choices.