Sproutly - Design a feature for this gardening app


Challenge Introduction

Design an easy way to identify, which plant need immediate care such as water, sun, and ready for harvest.

For this challenge, I designed a “My Garden” page for Sproutly gardening app.

The usability test provided with the challenge, helped me to understand the user needs, their pain points, and what their primary expectation from the Sproutly app.

What went well? 

  • The user able to understands the navigation clearly
  • Given information clear to the user
  • The progress bar (water, sun, and harvest) looks informative to the user

What needs improvement?

  • The user looking for a consolidated view of which plant need care
  • There were too many clicks needed to navigate through different plants, which is painful
  • High-level insights about each plant in a single view

UX Goals

  • Provide an easy way to see all plant health status without getting into the detail view
  • Provide a filter to see which plant needs water, sun and ready for harvest in a single click
  • Allow the user to navigate to other plants from plant details page. Hence the user need not to get to back to see other plant details


Hi-Fidelity mockup


  • Introduced new tab menu in the "My Garden", hence the user easily filter the plant based on All plant, Need Water, Need Sun and Ready for Harvest
  • Plants will be highlighted based on the filter applied in the tab menu (at the top)
  • Included progress bar to identify the state of water, sun, and harvest, which will help the user to get the high-level status of each plants, without even opening the detail view
  • Clicking on the plant card will take the user to plant detail page. the user can navigate to other plants by clicking on the carousel (in the hero image). which avoid back and forth navigation.




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