Challenge Brief


Design an onboarding flow for this home decorating app

Challenge Overview

IKEA’s user wants to decorate their new apartment, but buying decorative items is expensive, and it is challenging to get the cohesive “look” they want by buying items one at a time. IKEA would like to create a new app, called Walkup that helps new apartment renters decorate their apartment beautifully, on a budget.

Your Challenge

Design an onboarding process for a new user that captures their budget and taste, and puts together a “decoration package” of multiple items to purchase.

User Persona

Use the persona below to get a better idea of your user, and help inform your design decisions!

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Device & Platform

You will design this experience as a Native iPhone App

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Product Requirements

Below are some requirements that must be met in the onboarding process. While it's important to focus on the user, remember that you also need to design for business goals!

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