Challenge Brief


TaxChat: Design and test a screen that builds trust with users.

Challenge Overview

You are the lead designer for - a website that connects taxpayers to accountants, who give them expert advice and tips on their tax return.

The Problem

TaxChat is seeing a lot of users drop off on their sign up page, where users can start a free trial, and find an accountant to chat with about their taxes.

Your Challenge

Your challenge is to design and test two versions of the screen, with the goal of finding the best way to convey trust and quality to a user.

Research & Findings

The research below reflects the feelings of users who did not sign up. Use these insights to guide your design!

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Challenge Checklist

A step-by-step guide to creating an awesome submission

Re-read the brief
5 Minutes
Do a Competitive Analysis
20 Minutes
Design Your Screens!
30 Minutes
Test your designs on
15 Minutes
Test Your Designs!
10 Minutes
Analyze Your Test Results
15 Minutes
Post your Submission
25 Minutes