Challenge Brief


Sproutly - Design a feature for this gardening app

Brief Overview

You are the lead designer for Sproutly, an app that helps people with small gardens keep their plants healthy by alerting them when their plants need care.

Sproutly shows an overview of the users garden in the 'My Garden' Screen, and allows them to tap a plant to check on it's sun and water levels, and if it's ready to harvest.

Your Challenge

For this challenge, you'll be watching a recorded usability test, and using you observations to make improvements to the "My Garden" Screen.

The goal of this challenge is to make changes to the My Garden Screen to make it easier for users to find which plants need care.

Unlock the Challenge

Watch the Usability Test

We have included a recorded usability test for you to watch and analyze.

In this recorded usability test, you'll get to see (and hear) our user, Chelsea, walk through a few steps in the Sproutly app, and give some feedback about her experience and how it could be improved.

Watch the user test here, and use the note-taking template below to take notes that will help you improve the experience!

User Test Video Link:

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Device & Platform

Sproutly is a mobile app - you can see how it works by watching the usability test video, and downloading the template files to view, modify, or use as a reference for your own submission.