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Help students find a café to work and study from

Challenge Overview

You are the lead UX designer for Sip + Study - an app that helps students find cafés to study and work in.

Device & Platform

Your submission should be designed as a native iPhone app.

Your Challenge

Your challenge is to redesign the Café Detail Screen, which shows more specific information about the location.

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Research & User Insights

Read the excerpts from user interviews below. They include quotes, and a breakdown of priorities expressed by college students. Use these insights to help craft your design.

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Check out this submission, and use it as an inspiration to get started on your own!

Matt Vaccaro

Matt Vaccaro

Sip + Study: Designing the Venue Profile Page

I started my design process by considering the feature prioritization outlined in the prompt. I made sure to keep the highest priority user goals in mind-- namely the business information, notable amenities, and user reviews.

While analyzing similar use cases in other products, I made note of a few competitor features that I thought were especially well implemented. Google's restaurant profiles provide the user with an estimate for the current crowd at the restaurant based on day-of-the-week and time-of-day.

Screen shot 2017 12 29 at 9.50.26 pm

Although Sip + Study may not have as robust location data to draw upon, it can still make a simplistic estimate based on those simple time-of-day/day-of-week parameters.

While sketching I iterated several times to pursue different layouts and to emphasize the solution of specific problems for the Sip + Study users.

20171229 214506

I used a two-tab layout to separate the Restaurant-curated info such as hours & amenities, and the user reviews that offer the customer's take on the venue. This allows for better optimization of the screen space and keeps the user from having to vertically scroll one long page of content.


Challenge Checklist

A step-by-step guide to creating an awesome submission

Re-read The Brief
5 Minutes
Do a Competitive Analysis
20 Minutes
Do Some Sketching!
15 Minutes
Review and Improve Your Sketches
15 Minutes
Do Some Wireframes
25 Minutes
Add Some Visual Design
20 Minutes
Post Your Submission!
20 Minutes