Challenge Brief


RunBuddy - Redesign a Rating Screen for this Running App


You're the lead designer for RunBuddy, an iOS app that helps runners in cities find their next great route to run.

In this challenge, you'll be redesigning the "Rate Your Run" screen, which allows users to leave a review on their route for other users to see.

The Problem

After users finish a run, they can rate their run. Other runners can see this rating, and can use it to help them find a great route.

The current version of the screen uses a 5- star rating system.

Many users have complained that this rating system is not really helpful for them to find a new route to run, because it isn’t specific enough.

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Your Challenge

Your challenge is to redesign the “rate your run” screen based on the research provided in the brief.

We believe that by making ratings more specific to runner’s needs, we’ll make it easier for runners to choose a great route to run.

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User Research Findings

In order to learn more about RunBuddy users, and what criteria they use to rate and review a run, we asked the following question.

“What factors do you consider when deciding where you’re going to run?"

You can read the answers below, and use this information to create a new "Rate Your Run" Screen that will help users find and rate their runs more accurately.

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