Challenge Brief


PartyOn - Improve the experience of this party supplies website.

Challenge Overview

You are the lead UX designer for PartyOn, an e-commerce website that sells kids party supplies. In this challenge, you'll re-design their products page to make items easier to find.

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What you're redesigning

The current product page for PartyOn shows all of their products and variations, without any organization.

Below is a screenshot of the current website, along with a list of all items sold by PartyOn.

Product Page

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Feedback from Users

As PartyOn has added more items to their site, they have received feedback from users that it is difficult or time consuming to find products that they are looking for.


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Your Challenge

Your challenge is to group these items into categories, and re-design the product page to make it easier for customers to get to the products they're looking for.

To find out how to organize these items, you'll conduct a Card Sort, which will give you insight into how users organize these items in their mind.


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Template Files

Your submission should be in the form of a desktop website, using the screens and templates provided in the challenge attachments.

Download the Challenge Template Files

How to get started

Check out the challenge guide here - it will walk you through the step-by-step process of conducting a card sort, and learning how to organize your categories.

Challenge Checklist

A step-by-step guide to creating an awesome submission

Prepare your Card Sort
10 Minutes
Conduct an Open Card Sort
30 Minutes
Analyze your Card Sort Results
30 Minutes
Design the Product Categories
30 Minutes