Challenge Brief


Redesign This Natural Disaster Alert System

Challenge Overview

Recently, a message about an impending natural disaster alert was sent out to residents in Hawaii. The message was intended to be just a test, but was sent out as a live alert to all residents, causing widespread fear and panic. Your challenge is to redesign a fictional version of the system used to send out Natural Disaster Alerts.

Platform & Device

Your submission should be designed as a desktop web app, using the screens and templates provided.

Test Alerts vs. Live Alerts

Check the brief attachments below to learn more about the difference between Test Alerts and Live Alerts in the system we are working with.

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Usability Issues

After analyzing the current system, we found a few usability issues detailed below. You can use these as insight to help guide your re-design.

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Check out this submission, and use it as an inspiration to get started on your own!

Michael Wong

Michael Wong

Mwong hi alert rd1

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Challenge Checklist

A step-by-step guide to creating an awesome submission

Re-read The Brief
5 Minutes
Discover ways to prevent errors
20 Minutes
Sketches & Wireframes
30 Minutes
Add Some Visual Design
15 Minutes
Test, and iterate!
15 Minutes
Post Your Submission!
15 Minutes