Challenge Brief


CityPups - Help users find the perfect dog to adopt.

Brief Overview

You are the lead designer for CityPups, a dog adoption app that helps city-dwellers find a dog that fits their lifestyle, living space, and personality. CityPups asks a few questions to new users in the onboarding process. These questions help match users with dogs that may be a great fit for them to adopt.


Your Challenge

For this challenge, you'll be watching a recorded user test of the onboarding process for CityPups, and re-designing the experience based on your insights. The goal of this challenge is to make changes to the onboarding process to help users feel confident that the dogs they are matched with are a great fit for their lifestyle.


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Recorded Usability Test

We have included a recorded usability test for you to watch and analyze. In this recorded usability test, you'll get to see (and hear) our user, Chelsea, walk through the CityPups onboarding process, and give feedback about the experience. Watch the user test here, and check out the challenge checklist to learn how to take notes that will help you improve the experience! User Test Video Link:

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Device & Platform

CityPups is a mobile app - you can see how it works by watching the usability test video, and downloading the template files to view, modify, or use as a reference for your own submission.

Challenge Checklist

A step-by-step guide to creating an awesome submission

Watch the usability test & take notes
15 Minutes
Sketch out some solutions
15 Minutes
Turn your sketches into digital designs
1-2 Hours